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The Bible of self-help is here!

Top seller explains self-empowerment

COLORADO, 19th MAY 2013: Self-help, the most understated subject is back again and this time in the form of a best seller. “The book, What I Will…I Can!” by Joseph Giampapa is more a personal guide than a book. Other self-help books that are out there in the market follow a preachy approach which more often than not fails to connect with the readers. Readers who have sought help from such books before have reported to find conversational approach more helpful.

And, this is where Joseph manages to strike a chord with his readers. This self-help book talks about the fundamentals of self-empowerment in a way that is effective. It does not talk about what one has to do to be unique, but to recognize the uniqueness of an individual and to consider this deserving. The best part about reading the book is that it makes the individual powerful. It puts him/her in a position to take charge of their lives and change what they feel like changing.

“What I Will…I Can!” is undoubtedly the best self-help book so far. The growing base of readers is a testament to this fact. As mentioned in the description, the book is a guidebook which tells the reader what he can do to achieve what he wants. It is a concise version of a book commonly found in the library that is lengthy and boring. It gets straight down to the business of instilling the sense of power, to make an individual believe in his ability.

Joseph, a developer in the Private and Civic sector, has been hailed a leader in the field of “Self- Actualization”. From a humble Italian family, it was family values that helped Joseph understand the true importance of love, care and concern. These are the very same qualities that he wishes to communicate to his readers. Although a person with many degrees and educational acclaim, Joseph remains a down to earth author who believes every person is able enough to design their fate.

Owing to the personable approach adopted by the book and the easy to comprehend literature, this self-help book is already on its way to selling out.